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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Pressure for Graffiti Removal

Getting rid of graffiti without causing damage to your surfaces can be quite challenging. Selecting the appropriate pressure is crucial. It doesn't matter if you're painting with spray paint or scribbling with a marker the amount of pressure, or pounds per square inch, that you need varies. Let's break down what pressure works best for different situations.

Low Pressure (500-1500 PSI)

If you have a delicate surface, such as a soft stone or historic building, low pressure is recommended. To effectively remove graffiti, use specialized cleaners and a pressure washer set between 500 and 1500 PSI. For surfaces that require careful tread to prevent damage, this method works well gently.

Medium Pressure (1500-3000 PSI)

Medium pressure is ideal for common surfaces like metal, brick, and concrete and uni-stones. The majority of graffiti can be removed with a pressure washer set between 1500 and 3000 PSI without being too harsh. Achieving the ideal balance requires applying just enough force to erase the graffiti without leaving any traces behind.

High Pressure (3000+ PSI)

Sometimes you have to bring out your most powerful weapons. We're addressing high-pressure washing (3000+ PSI) for those stubborn or old graffiti marks. However, some surfaces may not be able to cope with high pressure thus, before doing anything major, always test it out on a small, hidden area to make sure you don't end up with more than you expected.

Choosing an appropriate cleaner is a Key!

It matters what you hit it with as much as how hard you hit it. A properly chosen graffiti remover or cleaning solution can have a profound impact. In certain cases, the trick to success is to combine chemical treatments with pressure washing. To prevent any accidents, just make sure you adhere to the directions provided by the pressure washer and the cleaner.

Knowing When to Hire Experts

Furthermore, it's perfectly acceptable to hire experts in graffiti removal if you're working with something extremely delicate or simply don't want to take the chance. They possess the equipment and expertise necessary to complete the task correctly and without any oops moments.

Successful Graffiti Removal with Smart Pressure Washing

There you have it- a simple guide to determining the ideal pressure for removing graffiti. If you do it correctly, your walls will remain clean and intact regardless of how delicate the surface or how intense the stain.

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