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Various projects

Realize your visions with our various projects for your outdoor space.

Every exterior has its unique potential, and we are here to help you realize it. From various plantings to complex installations such as drainage boxes, we have the skills and solutions for all your diverse projects. Our services are designed to enhance and preserve the beauty of your outdoor space while increasing its functionality.


  • Restoration to the paving stone level: Restore your surfaces to their original flatness and aesthetics. Extend the life of your installations with our expert service. A well-leveled surface also allows for efficient drainage, preventing water accumulation.

  • River rocks: Perfect for adding a natural element to your layout. These rocks bring a peaceful, rustic touch to any garden or flower bed, while providing a durable and inexpensive solution.

  • Various plantations : Trees, shrubs, and flowers to add life to your space. Nothing like greenery to create a calming and welcoming environment. We help you choose the best species for your soil and climate.

  • Turf and synthetic turf : Choose the type of lawn that suits you. Whether you opt for natural or synthetic, we have solutions for a lush green lawn withminimal maintenance. We also offer advice on best care practices depending on the type chosen.

  • Concrete sealer and paving stone: Extend the life of your surfaces while maintaining their beauty with our quality sealant.

  • Installation of drainage boxes : Manage stormwater effectively and avoid flooding problems. A simple but effective way to protect your outdoor investment. Our custom drainage system is designed to integrate seamlessly into your layout.


Interested in one of these specialized services? Contact an expert from our team for a personalized consultation.



Our know-how is your guarantee of quality.


Material quality

We make no compromises on durability and aesthetics.


Full service

From planning to installation, we guide you every step of the way.

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Comfort, cleanliness and innovation

Lavé-Uni Montréal has several years of experiencence in exterior cleaning and landscaping, offering complete solutions for the transformation and preservation of your outdoor spaces.

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