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How to Prevent Water Damage?- Easy Yard Drainage Tips

Updated: Jan 3


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When water seeps into your foundation due to poor drainage, it can cause leaks, cracks, and even structural damage to your home, causing serious problems around your property. Therefore, in order to prevent damage to the basement and foundation of your house, it is highly important that you evaluate and control the flow of water in your yard.

In this article we provide easy-to-follow tips to improve water drainage around your home, ensuring your foundation and basement stay dry and damage-free.


Simple Steps for Effective Water Management


Identify Trouble Spots

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Start by examining the areas around your home where water tends to pool. Check the ground's slope and pinpoint which stones or surfaces might need adjustment. This initial assessment is crucial to plan your next steps effectively.

Rearranging Your Landscape for Better Water Flow

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Get the water away from the house basement

Adjusting the Slope: A small adjustment in the placement of stones or other materials can sometimes have a significant impact. You can make a slope that keeps water away from your house by replacing them. Although some lifting and moving of stones may be required, this is an essential step for achieving effective drainage.

Polymeric sands: Make sure to choose high-quality sand. Follow the retailer's instructions carefully and ensure to properly fill the joints between the stones to make them watertight, allowing water to flow smoothly on the surface.


Addition and Replacement of Stones: In certain situations, adding or removing stones may be necessary to improve the slope. To prevent any accumulation near the foundation, the goal is to have a gentle decline that directs water away from your home.


Compacting and Grading

Compacting and grading Lavé-uni Montréal

Adjusting the Stones: After positioning your stones, ensure that they are tightly packed and levelled. To preserve your new slope and prevent water from gathering in undesirable places, close any gaps.


Yard Grading: Your attempts to re-level your yard should be aided by the general grading of your yard. Controlling water flow can be greatly aided by using basic landscaping techniques, such as angling soil away from your house.


When to Call in the Professionals?


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Depending on your yard's complexity, or if the task seems too difficult, don't hesitate to seek professional advice. Experts in sloping and drainage, such as landscapers or contractors, can provide invaluable support. Always keep in mind that following local laws is crucial, and seeking professional advice guarantees the best outcomes.

Protect Your Home with Effective Drainage!

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Proper drainage is key! Water damage can be avoided in large part by using proper drainage. You can protect your house from water-related problems by following these easy steps and seeking professional advice when necessary.

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