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Exterior washing

Exterior cleaning:

a solution for every need


At Lavé-Uni Montréal, we understand that each space is unique and deserves special attention. That's why we offer a full range of cleaning services exterior suitable for various needs. Whether you own an individual home, a business or a condominium, our high pressure washing solutions are designed to give a facelift to your outdoor spaces.


And here are some additional points:

  • Home owners : Restore the shine to your facade, terrace and driveway. A house that is clean on the outside not only increases its aesthetic appeal, but also its market value.

  • Businesses: Maintain the welcoming appearance of your commercial space. A clean, well-maintained storefront is more likely to attract and retain customers.

  • Condominiums : Easily manage the cleaning of common areas. Regular maintenance ensures resident satisfaction and contributes to better management of the property.

Lavé-uni Montréal power washing

Advanced technology

Our high pressure machines are at the cutting edge of technology.


Qualified team

Each member of the team is trained in safety and quality.


Satisfaction guaranteed

An ongoing commitment to exceed your expectations and ensure your satisfaction.

Areas covered

  • Decks: Get rid of stubborn stains and mold.

  • Driveways: Remove oils and other residue.

  • Exterior facades and walls: Improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or building.

  • Swimming pools: Enjoy a cleaner, healthier swimming pool.

Cleaning stains, graffiti and efflorescence:

a targeted approach


Confronted with graffiti, oil stains or efflorescence on your exterior surfaces? At Lavé-Uni Montreal, we use advanced techniques and products to remove these marks safely and effectively. After a quick assessment, our team applies the most suitable treatment, leaving you with a clean and revitalized surface.


Identifying the problem

  • Initial analysis : Our experts assess the type and extent of stains to recommend the best treatment.

Our approach

  1. Assessment: Careful inspection to choose the appropriate degreaser and technique.

  2. Treatment: Application of the cleaning product to the stain, followed by an exposure time to act.

  3. Finishing: High pressure washingn to remove all traces of the product and the stain.



  • Respect the environment: Our solutions are ecological.

  • Flexibility: Specific treatment depending on the type of surface and stain.

Request a quote to be guided by one of our experts

Comfort, cleanliness and innovation

Lavé-Uni Montréal has several years of experience in exterior cleaning and landscaping, offering complete solutions for the transformation and preservation of your outdoor spaces.

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